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Manuel E. Solis and his team of lawyers in our offices understand the effort it takes for people to legalize their immigration status. That's why we have ten offices in the United States - seven of them in Texas - so that our services are easily accessible to our clients.

Since opening his law firm in 1990, Manuel E. Solis has insisted that everyone who works in his firm provides the level of service that they would expect to receive if they were in the client's shoes. So we go to extraordinary lengths to provide the best possible legal assistance to our clients anywhere in the US.

Some of our lawyers have first-hand experience of what is involved in emigrating to the United States, and we all know the process from a professional point of view. We are proud of the integrity and professionalism of our lawyers and our staff go the extra mile by adapting their working hours to suit the needs of our clients. This means that we are able to provide an exceptional service and that we pay attention to detail with all our cases.

Manuel E. Solis developed a desire to become an immigration lawyer over many years of working as a volunteer teacher of history and English to prepare immigrants to write the exam that has to be taken to obtain United States citizenship.

In addition to the thousands of cases he has won in the field of immigration, Manuel and his team of lawyers also deal with other legal matters, such as criminal, family, accident and insurance matters.

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The Law Offices of Manuel Solis maintain a close relationship with the most prestigious associations and entities in the professional world of law and immigration. We want to be part of the gear that builds a better world for immigrant families and, by forming synergies with the professional community, we achieve a greater impact.

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