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Insurance (Property)

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Has your home been damaged by hail, rain, snow, or fire?

Legal advice and defense in areas such as:

Property Damage Lawyers

Get the insurance payout you deserve when your home or business is damaged by water, hail, wind, tornados, or fire.

If your home has been damaged by hail, wind, tornados, fire, or other natural disasters, and you feel that your insurance company is treating you unfairly, we may be able to help.

Frozen pipe insurance claims

Please contact us if your house was damaged as a result of frozen pipes during winter storms. We may be able to help you recover some or all of the costs including:

Property Damage Claims

We represent policyholders in disputes with their insurance companies. Insurance companies frequently deny coverage, do not pay enough for the damaged property, or take too long to pay a claim. Disputes with insurance companies often involve:

We may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve for hail, tornado, wind, fire and other damage to your property if your insurance company has ...

... in response to your claim for damages.

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