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The Law Offices of Manuel Solís are now offering the following documents.

More information about each document can be found below.

Each document can be completed online. All documents MUST BE printed and signed before a public notary. If you would like for our office to handle your printing needs, we can do so and securely mail them to you in a personalized packet ready for your signature. If not, you can download, print and sign your documents.

Please note that you must sign your documents before a notary public.

Please be aware that Wills MUST BE signed in person, before two disinterested witnesses and a notary public.

Our office will be offering online notary services. An online notary public is a commissioned notary public in the State of Texas who has the authority to perform a remote notarization using an audio-visual conference rather than having the individual physically appear before the notary at the time of the notarization.

Because of the current traveling restrictions, clients will be encouraged to execute the documents at home. If the client wishes to execute the document at our office, we will do our best to accommodate them.

Simple Will

A Will is a document that distributes a person’s personal and real property upon death. In this document, you may name an executor, who must then see that your will is probated as per the Texas Estates Code. This document must be signed in the presence of two disinterested witnesses, meaning they are not named in your Will or have any interest under your Will. This document becomes active upon death.


Statutory Durable Power of Attorney

A Statutory Durable Power of Attorney gives another person the authority to handle or make financial matters on your behalf, it can be made effective immediately or upon incapacity. A Statutory Durable Power of Attorney has no power after death.


Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney gives another person the authority to handle or make medical decisions for you when you are unable to.


HIPAA Authorization

A HIPAA Authorization allows another person to retrieve or request your medical records, the person(s) named here should be the same as the person(s) named in your Medical Power of Attorney.


Directive to Physicians or Surrogates

A Directive to Physicians is a set of instructions to your doctors and family members instructing them on end-of-life medical care, should they become unable to communicate their decisions. A Directive to Physicians has no power after death.


Declaration of Guardian

A Declaration of Guardian is a document where you tell the court who you want to serve as your guardian should the need for guardianship proceedings arise for you. There are two types of guardians, one for your person and one for your estate. You do not have to name the same person for both.


Appointment for Disposition of Remains

An Appointment of Remains is a set of instructions naming an agent to see your remains through your burial/cremation. In this document you may choose whether you wish to be cremated, the inscription to be placed on a grave marker and any specific instructions you have for your funeral. The agent named in this document has the duty to faithfully execute your wishes. This document becomes active upon death.


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