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Exercise Your right to Vote!

Voting in elections is a great privilege because it is your opportunity to help decide who will be president of the United States and who will represent you in the United States Congress

Becoming a us citizen has important benefits!

If you or loved ones qualify for citizenship and have been putting off applying for some reason, perhaps now is the time to go for it.

On October 2nd There Will Be an Increase on Rates for Some Immigration Services

If you have plans to apply for American citizenship – or if you are needing to apply for or renew your work permit in the United States, do so immediately, as these and several other petitions will cost substantially more within a few days.

Expect Fee Increases and Long Delays for Immigration Services

For the past several weeks, almost everyone had their focus on the Coronavirus Relief Package Unfortunately Congress closed for the next several weeks without reaching any agreements. And even though some important reliefs may be provided temporarily through executive orders, most will not.

The Cost to Apply for US Citizenship Is about to Increase Dramatically

If you are a legal US resident and have been considering applying for US citizenship you have from now until October 1 to apply for the current fee of 640.00.
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