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New Hope for Some Deportees and Their U.S. Families

One of the Biden Administration’s commitments has been to review thousands of deportation cases and to reunite those who qualify with their U.S. families. In a statement shared with The Independent, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson recently stated, “The Department is developing a rigorous, systematic approach to review these cases and is working to put in place an orderly process for individuals to make their claims.” They added, “This work takes time, but we are moving swiftly to put these processes in place … as we continue to collaborate on rebuilding our immigration system.”

Important changes in immigration policies in Biden’s first 100+ days as president

While he was in office, Donald Trump established more than 400 new immigration policies, by executive action, most of them restrictive. Since Biden has come into office, he has already either revoked or made changes to a considerable number of them. Others will take more time. Here are some of the most outstanding.

Did You Suffer Damage and Losses after the Great Winter Storm?

President Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for 77 counties in Texas (as of this writing), so FEMA assistance is now available. The counties include all major metropolitan areas (Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio) as well as others.

What to do when your pipes burst due to freezing weather.

With the unprecedented cold weather that hit our state over the past couple of days, homeowners may now be finding that many of their pipes have burst. Below are some tips to help homeowners navigate through these difficult times.

Biden’s Immigration Plan for Undocumented Immigrants

One of President Joe Biden’s first acts is sending Congress a proposed sweeping immigration plan that includes an eight-year pathway to citizenship for approximately 11 million people living in the U.S. without legal status.
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