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Accidents are defined as unforeseen events that alter the normal or expected course of things, especially if they cause damage to a person or thing. They can occur at work, from an industrial job that involves great risks and vulnerability, to an office job, which can be thought safe.

Accidents also happen in the car, on the streets, at home, in shopping malls, at schools, and in any place where risk conditions exist.

What are risk conditions?

They are those that cause accidents. Human oversights, lack of maintenance in the equipment and materials with which they work, not having protocols in case of failures, non-inspection and review of daily routes or processes, human distractions, etc. Our life is full of risk conditions! An accident can mark the lives of people, not only emotionally after the event, but also in their health, theirs families, a third partie involved, and itself: in the normal order of things.

The sequelae after accidents usually include temporary disabling and permanent injuries; damage to property, vehicles, buildings, materials and machines, We can all suffer an accident in our day-to-day life. We can prevent them, but we can’t avoid them. For these reasons, it is important that you know that if one day you suffer an accident of any kind, Manuel Solís and his team of lawyers will be there to protect you from any negligence, whether caused by the other person who committed the accident, or by the companies that neglect their workers, insurance companies that do not know how to cover your defense, and also, other lawyers who want to convince you that "They are doing you a favor" or that "There is nothing else they can do for you."

According to statistics, in the United States, on the street alone, 7,277 million car accidents occur each year, which means approximately 19,937 accidents every day and 831 accidents per hour. One of these could involve you or someone in your family. If you are going through this process, please contact us to review your case and we will find the best alternative to your defense.

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