Yanira Sierra


Yanira was born and raised in Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment. She graduated Cum Laude from The American University, Washington DC, with a Bachelor's degree in Biology in 1993. She wanted to become a pediatrician because she loves children and serving others. During her university years, she volunteered, assisting immigrants and other members of the community.

After various experiences in her professional career, she discovered that her passion for serving and protecting others could be fulfilled by becoming a lawyer. Thus, she decided to enter the Interamerican University, School of Law in PR. There, she earned her Juris Doctor degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2001. That same year, she obtained her license to practice law in PR. She also acquired licenses to practice as a notary in PR, the Federal Court license in PR, and the license from the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Her passion for serving and helping through criminal law led her to work in the Legal Commission in the Senate of PR, involved in the reform of the Penal Code. Subsequently, she was appointed as a prosecutor, a position she held for 14 years. During that time, she served crime victims, both minors and adults, assuming numerous roles. For instance, she participated in many events to educate the community, the employees of the Department of Justice in PR, and Latin American judges visiting the island to learn about its criminal system. Additionally, due to her outstanding performance, she was appointed Assistant District Attorney in the jurisdiction of Carolina and led a large team of prosecutors for several years.

After Hurricane Maria struck PR in 2017, her destiny changed, and she decided to move to Florida. There, she continued serving others, starting as a volunteer and later becoming part of the legal team at the Legal Services Clinic of the Puerto Rican Community, providing legal services to low-income individuals in the community. Furthermore, she participated in numerous community education events, including serving as a translator, writing several articles published in the newspaper La Prensa, and working at the Community Pro-Se Office in Osceola's court. In 2020, she received an Excellence Award from the owner of the mentioned Clinic for her dedication and hard work. This award was presented to her at a convention in Tallahassee, Florida.

Since she began living in Florida and engaging with people from different countries within the community, she found another way to serve and help others through the field of immigration. It was at that moment that she decided to add immigration law to her professional career.

Yanira mentions that when she moved to Florida alone with her daughter, she didn't have family to receive her in that state, and for various reasons, it was a very difficult change in her life, much like when she moved to the state of Texas. This experience allows her to empathize with people who immigrate to the US in search of safety and a better life, facing numerous challenges to achieve it. Her passion for service has helped her stay in this field, and currently, she feels very happy to be part of the Law Offices of Manuel Solis, where she can do what she loves and feels fulfilled as a person while fulfilling her life's mission.

In her free time, she loves engaging in outdoor activities that connect her with nature, accompanied by her daughter, her greatest blessing.


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