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Defense against deportation

Are you or a loved one facing deportation? Do you have a family member detained by Immigration?

Contact us immediately! Deportation cases are usually urgent. Our expert immigration team will fight for you!

There are several ways to prevent deportation:


Are you persecuted in your home country? You may be eligible for asylum.

You may be eligible for asylum if you've been persecuted (or fear persecution), in your home country because of your race, religion, national origin, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

Asylum is one way to obtain permanent residence if a person enters the United States without papers. If we can show that you are afraid of being persecuted or have already been persecuted in your home country, we can ask a judge to grant you asylum status in the United States. This will allow you to obtain a work permit and to become a permanent resident in the United States.

Cancellation of Removal

Are you in deportation proceedings?

You may qualify for Cancellation of Removal if you can prove:

Adjustment of Status

A person can become a permanent resident (Green Card holder) through Adjustment of Status. Someone else – an employer or family member – will normally file a petition for you.

U Visa

Have you been assaulted or are a victim of a violent crime?

The U Visa permanent residency is granted to a victim of a serious crime in the United States. The person must have cooperated or be willing to cooperate with the police investigation.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Have you been the victim of battery or extreme cruelty by a family member in the US?

A person may be eligible to become a lawful permanent resident if they are the victim of battery or extreme cruelty committed by:

Release from detention

A person detained by Immigration may be released if a bond is granted by ICE or an immigration judge. The bond guarantees that the person will attend their court hearings. If they don't, they forfeit the bond.

Detainees may be released without a bond but fitted with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.


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