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Manuel Solís

It has been three decades since I started working as a lawyer, and during this time I have come to know immigrants well. I have witnessed the courage shown by so many of them, who have risked their own lives to fight for the welfare of their families.

I feel enormously blessed to serve as a tool to help you on the road to achieving your dreams in this great country of opportunities - a challenge that I accepted with a great sense of responsibility.

6657 Navigation Blvd, Houston, Texas, 77011


Manuel E. Solís and the lawyers in his offices understand the efforts made by our clients to obtain the right to legalize their immigration status. That's why we have ten offices in the United States, seven of them in Texas. We take all possible steps to provide the best resources and legal representation to our clients from anywhere in the US.

Since opening his law firm in 1990, Manuel E. Solís has insisted that he and everyone in his offices offer only the level of service they would expect to receive if they were in the client's shoes. Some of the lawyers of the Law Firm of Manuel Solís know firsthand what it is to emigrate to the US, and we all know it professionally.

We maintain the schedules of our offices so that they adapt to the working hours of most of our clients. Our lawyers are characterized by integrity, character, and organization. This allows us to offer the attention and detail they deserve in each case.

Manuel E. Solís' desire to become an immigration lawyer developed over the years in which he volunteered as a professor of history and English to immigrants preparing for the exam required to obtain U.S. citizenship. In addition to the thousands of cases he has won in the field of immigration, Manuel E. Solís also handles criminal, family, accident, and insurance cases.

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