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Child Support

Child Support is one of the most common and important aspects of Family Law.

Parents have a duty to support their children, and child support helps the children financially, making sure that they have clothes on their back and food on the table.

Guideline child support is calculated based on the net resources of the parent ordered to pay child support by the Court. Net resources are calculated by taking the gross amount the parent earns in a year and subtracting social security taxes, federal income taxes; union dues, and expenses for the cost of health insurance, dental insurance, or cash medical support paid by the parent.

Once you determine the monthly income of the parent, you then calculate 20% of that income and add 5% for each additional child.

Child Support can be garnished from the parent’s wages which should give both parents peace of mind. The parent paying knows that the Attorney General of Texas is keeping an accurate accounting of their payments, and the parent receiving child support should not have to rely on the other parent for payment as the employer pays child support before the parent receives their wages.


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