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We firmly believe that one of the pillars of society is the family. Therefore, since inception, the legal firm of Manuel Solis has had a dedicated office that defends families in cases related to immigration matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining permanent residence, citizenship and asylum for families, and in dealing with matters related to U visa, VAWA and deportation.

After Texas experienced some of the most violent storms seen in a long time, we started to see many people who were suffering because of problems with claiming from insurance companies. Many of these people were defenseless against large corporations that denied them their rights. It was for this reason that we decided to open a branch office that specializes in insurance claims.

When a person experiences this type of natural disaster, or any other major accident, the most important thing is for them to take care of themselves and their family and not to have to worry about medical bills, compensation and documents. Unfortunately, without the help of a lawyer, many people end up on the losing end of aggressive insurance companies that try to dodge their responsibilities. This is how our accident-focused branch was born. Its aim is to defend accident victims, so that they can focus on a quick recovery, knowing that their interests are in safe hands and that a specialist is working on their behalf.

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