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Traffic accidents

Injuries caused by a collision may not appear on the surface for days, or they may be obvious and require immediate medical attention. Moreover, certain injuries, such as those of the head and brain, can cause lifelong suffering. Even after healing, you may experience emotional trauma and anxiety that may continue for years.
In the Law Offices of Manuel Solis we can help you to negotiate with the insurance company by commissioning independent medical studies and tests that allow us to understand the real damagesboth current and those that may occur in the future as a result of the injuries suffered during the accident.


Work accidents

If you had an accident while working, you may be entitled to not only have all medical expenses resulting from the accident covered, but possibly compensation too. Navigating the complicated bureaucracy of insurance companies is very confusing for those who do not have experience; therefore, we recommend contacting the Law Offices of Manuel Solis, so that we can help you with the whole process, allowingyou to focus solely on your recovery.


Medical Malpractice

Sometimes, a bad experience due to an illness or an accident may become even worse if we do not receive professional treatment from the doctor or hospital that is supposed to be helping us. You might even suspect that the death of a loved one may have been due to a bad decision or action by the doctor or hospital where he/she was treated.
If you believe that you have not received professional treatment from your doctor or hospital and, as a result, you have suffered damages, we can study your case to find out whether you have a right to claim compensation for your suffering.

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