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One of the pillars of society is the family. We insist on that a lot. Therefore, from the beginning we have dedicated a very important branch of our offices to defending families in cases of immigration. Our attorneys have extensive experience in family cases for obtaining permanent residency or citizenship, asylum, U visa, VAWAand deportation. After some of the most violent storms that Texas had experienced in a long time, we began to receive many people who were suffering a lot because of claims to insurance companies. Many people were defenseless against large corporations that denied them their rights. For this reason, we decided to open a branch specialized in insurance claims. When a person is involved in an accident, the most important thing is to have time to take care of themselves and not have to worry about medical bills, compensation, and documents. Unfortunately, without the help of a lawyer, many people ended up in the hands of aggressive insurance companies which tried to dodge their responsibilities. This is how our branch of accidents was born, with the aim of defending accident victims so that they only have to focus on a quick recovery, knowing that they are in good hands.


In the offices of Manuel Solís, we are very proud to be a reference in terms of lawyers specialized in immigration issues. From obtaining a ...


One of the branches that we have developed in our offices with the best lawyers in the sector is that of auto accidents. At the Law Offices of Manu...


After a disaster, the least expected is having to fight with the insurance company to give us what is rightfully ours, that is why, in the Offices ...


In the Law Offices of Manuel Solís, one of the most important words that motivates and directs us is the respect and defense of an instituti...

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If you have been arrested for drunk driving, drugs, theft, domestic violence or any other crime, you should know that you are in a very serious sit...

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