Gregory J. Finney

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Gregory Finney is the Associate Director of Civil Litigation at the Law Offices of Manuel Solis PC, and participates in the management of all aspects of litigation, strategic planning and policy formulation, as well as helping to maintain the organizational effectiveness of the department of civil litigation of the company.

He began his legal career in 2004 working as a law clerk, and later as a lawyer working for the legendary Houston Trial Attorney, John M. O'Quinn. Finney's experience includes employment with major litigation firms in Texas, on behalf of the plaintiffs and defendants.

Attorney Finney's litigation experience includes trials in first and second chairs and arbitration appearances, along with several appellate arguments. This experience includes complex commercial litigation, employment litigation, and real estate litigation involving issues related to commercial property, easement disputes, construction defects, and property damage involving complex construction and engineering problems. Representative issues have included catastrophic damages.

Finney's experience includes litigation related to oil and gas, including disputes over leases / mineral titles, right of way litigation and litigation related to defects in petroleum products. This experience also includes securities litigation, fiduciary litigation, corporate and corporate disputes, and multimodal transportation.

Finney has extensive experience in personal injury, breach of contractual claims, fraud and fraud in incentive claims. He has significant experience, on both sides of the bar, in massive actions, collective actions and CDM litigation.

The attorney has assisted clients in various real estate and corporate matters and has experience in complex and important insurance and reinsurance litigation. Prior to attending law school, Gregory Finney taught chemistry, physics and mathematics in high school.

He is a proud native of Texas. He has lived in Texas all his life, except for a few years dedicated to serving in the United States Navy. His family has deep roots in Texas with distant relatives who came to Texas since 1824. One relative was a Mayor and a member of Stephen F. Austin, "Old Three Hundred" and veteran of the Battle of Nacogdoches, and another relative fought in the Battle of San Jacinto.

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