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Attorney Fink graduated from the Law School of Marquette University School of Law at Marquette University in Wisconsin in 1994. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois since that year and is also licensed to practice in Wisconsin. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Lake Superior State University of Lake Superior in 1991 and a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990 from the same university.

The lawyer Andrew Fink is a litigation partner in the offices of attorney Manuel Solís at a national level; He is based in the Chicago office. Attorney Fink has lived a long time in the northwest area of ​​Chicago. He is a litigant who focuses his practice in the areas of personal injuries, automobile accidents, accidents in commercial locations, medical malpractice, litigation of criminal liability in products and drugs. Attorney Fink has extensive experience working in both litigation and litigation for catastrophic damages in minor damages, as well as in the full range of cases in between.

Since his admission to the Bar Association, Mr. Fink was the lead attorney in approximately 50 jury trials and an equal number for non-jury trials and hundreds of arbitrations.

In addition, Attorney Fink is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association of Justice American Association of Justice and the Wisconsin State Bar of Wisconsin Bar Association. He has published articles in respectful journal laws where personal injury litigation is entitled to review "The recent jurisprudence on the improper exclusion of expert testimony in Illinois state courts." In the Journal of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, volume 9, number 2., summer edition 2007; and "An analysis of the defense of cases of open and obvious liability to facilities: How obvious is open and obvious?" - An analysis of the open and obvious liability for damages in commercial places - in the Journal of the Association of Lawyers of Illinois, Volume 7 No. 12, edition summer 2005.

Attorney Fink is a passionate litigant who cares deeply about the needs of his clients. He believes that there are no large or small cases in which victims confront powerful and intimidating people who confront them. As a lawyer, there are five things that are very important to him: integrity, hard work, passion, competence and humility. He also has a strong Christian devotion that has greatly influenced him for many years in his personal and family life.

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