Julie Soderlund

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A native of Puerto Rico, her father is from Minnesota and her mother from Puerto Rico. She completed her undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Puerto Rico, where she worked in medical research. She is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and a fellow of the Weatherhead School of Management, in Cleveland Ohio. A member in good standing of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court Bar, she has worked in federal litigation, both civil and criminal, and as a member of the CJA Panel of the US District Court for the District of PR and of the CJA Panel of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. She is also admitted before the EOIR Courts, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Court of Federal Claims. She was a member of the Commission Against the Death Penalty of the PR Bar Association, the Constitutional Committee, and head of Defense of Civil Disobedient defendants in Vieques, PR. She has two adult children, travels regularly and is an avid, if mediocre, golf player and fervent beach goer. She relocated to Texas in 2019.

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