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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, attorney Irma Negrón obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico and a doctorate in law from the Law School of the Universidad Interamericana. In 2003, Irma Negrón obtained the license to practice law in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The extensive previous experience of lawyer Irma Negrón in litigation and administrative matters makes it a valuable asset for the Manuel Solís law firm, where she has excelled in multiple demanding and fast-paced departments.


While in law school, Irma Negrón worked during a summer internship in the Court of Appeals of Puerto Rico for the Honorable Judges Ivonne Feliciano and Antonio Negroni. After graduating from law school, she assisted as a legal secretary for several law firms and also worked as an attorney in several administrative, civil and criminal cases.


She practiced Health Law, Defeats, Family Law and Auditing Reviews related to Municipal Affairs. In 2003, lawyer Irma Negrón was appointed administrative judge in the Department of Consumer Affairs of Puerto Rico (D.A.C.O) in the Regional Office of San Juan, where she also worked as Regional Director in the Arecibo Regional Office and Litigation Lawyer. While in Puerto Rico, attorney Irma Negrón volunteered with the nonprofit organization Hogar Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus, an organization dedicated to helping children who have been victims of abuse in Puerto Rico.


As a volunteer at Hogar Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús, Irma Negrón provided legal advice on labor relations and family matters and also assisted with administrative support. Irma Negrón also volunteered at the Christian organization, El Poder de Una Voz, giving a seminar to the community on matters related to business, constitutional law, freedom of expression, labor law and contribution. Currently at the Manuel Solís Law Firm, Irma Negrón manages the Deportation Department, litigates and advises clients regarding immigration matters.

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