The power of the Hispanic vote in the 2020 election

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The power of the Hispanic vote in the 2020 election

Are you a Hispanic who voted in the elections we just had? If your answer is yes ... congratulations! Your vote has power. In fact, in 2020, Hispanics are now the "minority" with the largest number of voters in the United States – potentially 32,000 billion.

This is how Hispanics exercised the power of their vote this year:

In the presidential election, Biden received 66 percent of the Hispanic vote, while Trump received 32 percent.

Latinos have traditionally voted for the Democratic party, and this year, the Latin vote's priorities were the economy, access to health care, and COVID management. Of course, for many, immigration policies are also a very important factor. For example, to the surprise of many, Arizona, for the first time in years, gave its collective vote to the Democratic nominee, Biden. Could The Hispanic Vote be a predominant factor? Possibly. Half a million Hispanics were qualified to vote this year in the Arizona election and favored Biden. Arizona has a history of strong policies against the undocumented – even including DACA recipients – and, taking into account the immigration policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration, was a strong motivation for many Hispanic voters according to interviews.

On the other hand, trump's 32 percent of the National Hispanic vote surprised many. A considerable portion of voters took into account their religious convictions. For them, the pro-abortion stance is very problematic, coupled with the concern that there are threats to religious freedom. Interestingly, for a large group – particularly Cuban-Americans in Florida – the fear that socialist ideologies are infiltrating the party was an important factor.

It will be interesting now to see how the next four years unfold. It should be remembered that the president promotes, proposes, and accomplishes some things through executive actions, but other things are only achieved through Congress ... The House of Representatives and the Senators. For example, the president can launch DACA again through executive action, but only Congress will finally be able to implement a permanent immigration plan – something they haven't managed to do for decades. Democrats will have a small minority in the House of Representatives and Republicans for now are the majority in terms of senators, but two pending elections for senators in Georgia could change everything.

So that's the big picture. And going back to our subject ... did you vote? If your answer is no ... The question is, why not? If you're already an American citizen, don't miss this powerful opportunity. If you are not a citizen, but qualify – or will soon qualify – make plans to obtain your citizenship as soon as possible, and exercise your power!

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