The Government Must Begin to Accept New Applications for DACA

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The Government Must Begin to Accept New Applications for DACA

The Supreme Court of the United States determined that the Trump administration had not ended the DACA program correctly. They indicated that the government must not only continue to accept applications for renewal from those who are already DACA recipients, but also must begin to accept and process the applications of individuals who are applying for the DACA program for the first time. There are approximately 300,000 persons who can now qualify to apply for DACA for the first time.

However, there is news that, in the case of those who have sent in their first-time applications for DACA, the government has not accepted them but have returned them, and have refused to process them.

Attorney Manuel Solis recommends:

The Supreme Court came to an excellent decision when they said the government had not ended the program correctly and that they must not only continue to receive renewals but must also begin to accept the applications of those who are applying for the first time.

Even though we have this information that up until now, they have refused to follow the orders of the Supreme Court, I am expecting that in the next two or three weeks we will have good news and that the government will begin to obey and there will be no more delays. So I strongly recommend that if you or someone from your family qualifies for DACA, you should go ahead and send in your application now.

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