On October 2nd There Will Be an Increase on Rates for Some Immigration Services

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On October 2nd There Will Be an Increase on Rates for Some Immigration Services

If you have plans to apply for American citizenship – or if you are needing to apply for or renew your work permit in the United States, do so immediately, as these and several other petitions will cost substantially more within a few days. For example:

Now: Citizenship petition costs $640.00. Reduced fee for some who qualify: $320.00 As of October 2: $1160 -1170.00 for all cases.

Now: Work Permit: $410.00 As of October 2: $550.00

Another important change is that until now, there were a number of exceptions in which those applying for permanent residence did not have to pay extra for their work permit. But this is changing, and now many will have to pay the extra amount.

For example:

Until now, a person applying for asylum could do so free of charge, and in addition, they did not have to pay a fee for a work permit. As of October 2nd: Asylum petition: $50.00 Work permit: $490.00

As for petitions for family members of citizens, they will also have to pay the extra amount of $550.00 in addition to the other fees ($1690.00) if they plan to work. Also, they require a travel document (I-131), they will have to pay $590.0 whereas previously they did not have to pay.

There are several other significant rate increases. You can find them at: www.aila.org/infonet/final-rule-altering-uscis-fee-schedule

The good news is you still have two weeks to get your applications in —but don't delay any longer! The important thing is that you have proof that you submitted the application —with the corresponding fee—before that date (12:00 a.m. October 2).

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