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Citizenship could become more expensive shortly

Citizenship could become more expensive shortly
Trump administration is preparing a proposal that would make it 83% more expensive to pay for the citizenship application. Prices will go up from $640 to $1,170. Other immigration fees are also going to increase to more than double.

Becoming a U.S. citizen may get a lot more expensive, and the general recomendation is urging legal permanent residents to apply as soon as possible.

The Trump administration wants to increase the cost of citizenship applications by 83 percent for all immigrants eligible to become U.S. citizens.


The citizenship application fee would go from $640 to $1,170 and fees associated with legal permanent residency will go up 79 percent — from $1,220 to $2,195.

The Law Office of Manuel Solis believes that this is an attack on those who are most vulnerable, "disencouraging immigrants that have the right to seek a place in our communities as equals", said Mr. Solis.

The proposed rule also outlines a series of other kinds of fee increases that impact immigration-related applications for asylum-seekers, Temporary Protected Status beneficiaries, DACA recipients and legal permanent residents.

DACA renewals would increase from $495 to $765, possibly giving Trump officials a tool to limit the program in case the Supreme Court allows the program to continue despite the administration's efforts to end it.